Circus Alchemy

Circus Alchemy, a Toronto spectacle and animation troop founded by 7 fantastic circus performers including Ember Erebus, brought together by fire and their enthusiasm for dance, prop manipulation and being the center of attention. The group consists of clowns, stilt walkers, hoola hoopers, aerialists, burlesque dancers, fire breathers, poi and staff spinners, all the ingredients for a really good time. The project was born of New Model Circus Army, a free Toronto circus jam open to the public run by Chris North Wind and Sadie Spins' Hot Hot Hooping, and continues to perform outstanding shows long after Ember left the city. Ember still shares ideas and affection with her beloved circus palls.

from top left clockwise:

The lovely Taliya Cohen, aerialist, monkey, Chriz North, ring leader, fire manipulator extraordinaire, stilts and silliness, Ember Erebus fire charmer and mystic, Amira the clown & producer, costumes, fire, and dance, Sexy Sadie Spins, Hoops and loops, Kitty kerosene, flames and tricks, Mobot the flaming ballerina.

Alexis Williams

Circus Alchemy

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