Alexis Williams


Letter to my Lovers

Regret and Desire: A letter to my Lovers

Inspired by a dream where I narrated an animation painted on a girls face. She could not see it so I described the breath taking scenes that were unfolding on her face.

I started making stop animations on my face, then flocks of birds flying around my body being contact juggled back and forth, then this project which was never completed after my equipment failed. I have since replaced the camerabut have never felt to go back to the lonly place I was in while shooting this.

This series of stop animation videos displays excerpts from a life time of undelivered letters to my lovers animated on my skin. I exhale and expel inappropriately intense thoughts from my body.

Shot using a remote shutter release this is a study in movement, physical memory and ambidextrous typographic mark making. Between each frame I washed off the text, painted on the next frame, found the position my body was in and moved to the next posision. each phrase took many hours and left red welts on my body.