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Reclaim. Grow. Inspire.

We are building a living sculpture that will use unwanted phone books to grow fresh gourmet mushrooms!

Phone Books to Mushrooms for Food and Art is a nutritious, eco-friendly, community art project that uses reclaimed phone books to build living sculptures that produce food for various communities. The sculptures will stand in local gardens and music and art festivals as well as class rooms, restaurants and private homes. The project is designed  to educate participants about environmental and health uses of mushrooms and to encourage local community gardens to grow mushrooms as food, as medicine, to strengthen their vegetables and to clean their soil.

The project involves many community organisations by engaging them in collection, preparation and installation processes. I am looking for more community gardens to participate. If you would like to get involved, or donate equipment or materiels please contact me. The goal is to collect 1000 unwanted phone books, if you have one please donate it to the Zen Kitchen on Somerset. 

The pasturized phonebooks which are printed with vegetable based inks act as nutrients for the mushrooms which will transform the waste paper into vitanins for us! The books are quite literally a list of community members that will represent the many people involved in this project.

This project is open source in the sense that I will be teaching voulunteers to inoculate and care for gourmet mushrooms in their own homes and gardens.





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