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obsidian eclpse








Freedom From Identity, 2016


Freedom from Identity is a dichotic listening track that acts as a cognitive drawing by drawing a line with your attention. This piece only works with headphones, so put some on, close your eyes, lean back and let your mind follow whatever feels right.


Circadian Sounds, 2016

Sound (click on image to hear)

Circadian Sounds is a time lapse sound scape made of samples of bird song, frog calls and insect activity over a week. The samples are layered and compressed so each second represents an hour. The piece exposes the daily rhythms of life over a springtime week in Ontario.


Micrographia, 2014

Online publication
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Extending our scope of sight with Science, Art and magic.

A consideration of the rolls of Science and Art accompanied by photo-microscopy.




Ebb and Flow, 2014

A collection of binaural guided meditations from the Solstice Forest meditation installation.
Listen with headphones




Sidhan Dilation, 2014

A call to prayer recorded in The Holy City of Moulay Idriss, slowed down 5 times, one for each of the five pillars. While listening one should let go of the self and instead focus on the connection to all.




Liminal Meditation for Taxi, 2014

Exhibited at the Marrakech Bienalle








Chameleon Sacrifice, 2014

Commentary of spell removal ritual at a spiritual gathering in Morocco




The Space Between Words, 2013

Exhibited at the Marrakech Bienalle
A recording of a Skype conversation between the artist and her partner. She, in Finland and he, in Canada. The dialogue has been edited out. What you hear are the noises between the words instead of the content of the conversation.


Finnish Snow Labyrinth, 2013

I made a meditation labyrinth in the snow in the dark. I used a traditional design to see if I could successfully transpose a design from paper to the ground, and to learn how much space I actually need. Traditionally the meditation labyrinth is used to unwind and to help guide you to your center. While I write my thesis which will be a guided meditation on inaccuracies of our perception of nature and of the self I have been practicing meditation and hypnosis to understand the format. Walking a meditation labyrinth is supposed to bring clarity over obstacles and help to find one’s path. While walking my labyrinth for the first time I worried that I had made a mistake building it and that my path was looped or flawed. I realized that I needed to have faith and that the only way to see if it was the correct path was to follow it completely. I have been worrying that I made a mistake in coming to Finland, that I have arranged too long a trip and have been tempted to quit before carrying out my plans. The labyrinth has inspired me to carryout my plans before I decide that they were made hastily.

butterfly dust



Road Kill Lepidoptery, 2012
Butterfly dust on cotton

The action of road kill lepidoptery is one of quiet meditation, reflection on death and beauty. It is a pilgrimage that requires one to walk slowly and to bow into half prostrations every few steps. The practice encourages magical thoughts of looking and finding similar to the magical manifestations observed while collecting mushrooms that demonstrate that there is much more beauty around us that we do not observe unless we train our eyes to see it. Nothing can be found without seeking it out and that much more wonderful things can be found if one is open to noticing them. Walking along 1 km of highway, I collected over a thousand dead butterflies.



Entrance, 2012
Graphite on paper

Graphite rubbings of man hole and sewer covers remixed with grave stone embellishments into ornate mandalas.



Submarine Pompeii, 2012
Video (click on image to see)

A video remixing project where Montreal artist Alexis Williams created a video Haiku from David Attenborough films every day for 30 days.

I am writing poetry in a style that is mostly understood in my culture as simply being Japanese and having syllabic restraints. Since syllables themselves are defined differently in Japanese and in English, the interpretation of an English haiku often gets hung up on this ..



Dharma: Everything Survives by Going Round in Circles, 2011

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24 Digital prints on mulberry paper hand written text in mushroom ink

Digitally manipulated macro field photographs of Canadian mushrooms

Phone Books to Mushrooms

Phone Books to Mushrooms, 2011

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Discarded phone books were pasteurized and used as a substrate to grow gourmet, medicinal and
glow in the dark mushrooms. The books were used as bricks to build living sculptures in community
gardens and music festivals that provided food for the communities they served.

Originally commissioned by the Ottawa Art Gallery, the project won several grants including the
Om Reunion Project Art Grant, The Ottawa Awesome Foundation Grant and The Mechatronic
Award for Innovative Excellence.



Beached Glass
Video (click image to see)


Stop animation of fire works created with beached glass.





Norbert, 2009

Video (click on image to see video)

Norbert is a stop animation of a deer whose skeletal remains were still held together by tendons allowing his joints to be articulated. With hind legs stretched out, and no front legs at all Norbert resembled an eight-foot human with deer head. ...




ECHO (Evolutionary Contortion Hindered by Obstination)
live video performance and installation
(click in image to see video documentation)


Live video installation performance



Regret and Desire: A letter to my Lovers
stop motion video (click on image to see video)


Inspired by a dream where I narrated an animation painted on a girls face. She could not see it so I described the breath taking scenes that were unfolding on her face.

I started making animations on my face, then flocks of birds flying around ...

i match



I Match
Live performance and photography

2005/6 (click on image to see)

The series of large format digital prints was made from light paintings captured during live performances where long exposure times were used to turn 3-dimensional movements into 2-dimensional marks.

A gesture was made in the dark with a match in each hand. A camera used a long exposure time to translated the movement into a drawing which was projected on a screen immediately after each movement was made.





Tractoria, 2005
Deck of cards

Digital print and performance
Many sets of six
3.5" x 4"
Tractors: An umbrella term for all heavy machinery that acts as destructor or constructor of our urban landscape. These creative motivational texts were handed out at art and music festivals.