Alexis Williams


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Freedom From Identity, 2016


Freedom from Identity is a dichotic listening track that acts as a cognitive drawing by drawing a line with your attention. This piece only works with headphones, so put some on, close your eyes, lean back and let your mind follow whatever feels right.


The Shaman's New Mask, 2015
Exhibition Catalogue

Images and poetic descriptions of the collection of masks in this exhibition.



The Shaman's New Mask, 2015

MFA thesis paper on Sci-Artists as contemporary shamans.



The Mushroom Oracle, 2014
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The Mushroom Oracle is a tarot deck for artists, scientists and spiritual explorers that draws from biology and mythology to deliver words of wisdom from the mushroom spirits. It teaches the survival strategies that mushrooms learned from surviving several world wide mass extinctions. This deck uses lessons from mushroom biology to give advice on healthy intentional living. It focuses on knowing when and what to let go of, when to push forward, when to seek guidance and inspiration and when to meditate and be calm.
The deck was created by an artist and amateur mycologist to join the forces of art, science and spirituality. It features 34 digitally manipulated macro photographs of wild mushrooms, each leading to advice and a biology lesson. The cards are formatted to fit a tablet or a phone.




Ebb and Flow, 2014

A collection of binaural guided meditations from the Solstice Forest meditation installation.
Listen with headphones


Sacred Dissonance, 2014

Excerpt from Counter-Balance. Description of Sufi trance ritual.


Freedom From Identity, 2014
Origional text

Personal experiences with self awareness, liminality and lucid dreaming.




Counter Balance, 2014

5 artists from around the world were lead by cultural explorer Jessica Stephens into a world of magic and ritual within the contemporary Sufi culture in Morocco. The goal was to inspire creativity with faith and to infuse art with spirituality. The outsiders flowed through the moussem. They had a week to experience the lilas and brotherhoods, to witness sacrificial offerings and the traditional cacophonies, fragrances and vibrations of trance therapy. The outcome is a series of questions and answers contained in these pages.





Sidhan Dilation, 2014

A call to prayer recorded in The Holy City of Moulay Idriss, slowed down 5 times, one for each of the five pillars. While listening one should let go of the self and instead focus on the connection to all.




Liminal Meditation for Taxi, 2014

Exhibited at the Marrakech Bienalle








Chameleon Sacrifice, 2014

Commentary of spell removal ritual at a spiritual gathering in Morocco




An Illustrated Book About Death
, 2013
Publication of poetry and imagery

In reference to Tom Robbins and Robert Thurman. The Illustrated Book About Death began as a comparison of the functions of science and art. It was a field guide to death and nothingness using the corpses of dead birds as muse; a catalogue of the dead birds I found in my garden and the reflections they inspired. It was intended to harmonize art and science to inspire contemplation of the ephemeral and perpetual cycle of life. It consisted of informative and mysterious text and hand drawn thanatological and ornithological diagrams followed by photographs of specimens at all stage of decay that illustrated the process of death and discussed the essence of life. The project has evolved into a chapter of a larger book. The original content has been reworked into a more poetic, spiritual representation. The photographic imagery has been transformed into ornate mandalas and the text has been restructured in the style of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.





The Space Between Words, 2013

Exhibited at the Marrakech Bienalle
A recording of a Skype conversation between the artist and her partner. She, in Finland and he, in Canada. The dialogue has been edited out. What you hear are the noises between the words instead of the content of the conversation.


Finnish Snow Labyrinth, 2013

I made a meditation labyrinth in the snow in the dark. I used a traditional design to see if I could successfully transpose a design from paper to the ground, and to learn how much space I actually need. Traditionally the meditation labyrinth is used to unwind and to help guide you to your center. While I write my thesis which will be a guided meditation on inaccuracies of our perception of nature and of the self I have been practicing meditation and hypnosis to understand the format. Walking a meditation labyrinth is supposed to bring clarity over obstacles and help to find one’s path. While walking my labyrinth for the first time I worried that I had made a mistake building it and that my path was looped or flawed. I realized that I needed to have faith and that the only way to see if it was the correct path was to follow it completely. I have been worrying that I made a mistake in coming to Finland, that I have arranged too long a trip and have been tempted to quit before carrying out my plans. The labyrinth has inspired me to carryout my plans before I decide that they were made hastily.


Entrance, 2012
Graphite on paper

Graphite rubbings of man hole and sewer covers remixed with grave stone embellishments into ornate mandalas.



Grave Rubbings, 2012
Graphite on paper

Epitaphs remixed into poetry and calendars.
Graphite rubbings from gravestones on hand made paper.


Even Tibetans get the Dead, 2010

Nonsene poetry made by combining parts of The Tibtan Book of the Dead and Tom Robbins' Even Cow Girls Get the Blues.




Tractoria, 2005
Deck of cards

Digital print and performance
Many sets of six
3.5" x 4"
Tractors: An umbrella term for all heavy machinery that acts as destructor or constructor of our urban landscape. These creative motivational texts were handed out at art and music festivals.