Alexis Williams


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obsidian eclpse



Crystal Constellations
Photography (click image to see)


Crystal Constellations, is a series of large format digital prints on acetate of high res scans of photographic contact sheets of delicate Epsom salt crystals grown in petri dishes. The result was a constellation of fictional crystallized planets. Each grown in an afternoon, admired, illuminated and dissolved. Washed down the drain where the salt will go on to form new crystals in other places and times. What are left in these prints are shadows of the ephemeral bodies that represent just one ephemeral incarnation of an eternal cycle.




City Rubbings
Graphite on paper (click image to see)


A diary of graphite rubbings as daily observations of urban infrastructure and household objects during September, October and November 2012.  This forced practice of observation was designed to cultivate an obsessive awareness of the textures and patterns in Montreal. The prints are bound into a one of a kind book.




Beached Glass
Video (click image to see)


Stop animation of fire works created with beached glass.





ECHO (Evolutionary Contortion Hindered by Obstination)
live video performance and installation
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Live video installation performance



Regret and Desire: A letter to my Lovers
stop motion video (click on image to see video)


Inspired by a dream where I narrated an animation painted on a girls face. She could not see it so I described the breath taking scenes that were unfolding on her face.

I started making animations on my face, then flocks of birds flying around ...


i match



I Match
Live performance and photography

2005/6 (click on image to see)

The series of large format digital prints was made from light paintings captured during live performances where long exposure times were used to turn 3-dimensional movements into 2-dimensional marks.

A gesture was made in the dark with a match in each hand. A camera used a long exposure time to translated the movement into a drawing which was projected on a screen immediately after each movement was made.